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Get paid to try to harmonize and heal yourself-Coming Soon

Coming Soon-We all need to learn how to synchronize our own bodies, minds and energy systems. We live in a wonderful time with incredible Western medicine and Chinese/Asian medicine doctors, nurses, naturopaths, chiropractors, healers etc and amazing technology to help us. All types of healthcare practitioners from doctors to healers get paid to help us. Those of us who suffer from illness need to create an income to pay our healthcare providers, our health insurance and for all the other expenses that surround our medical challenges. It is time for us to get paid to try to heal ourselves. When we try to help ourselves and share the tools of harmonizing ourselves with others, we deserve to get paid for our efforts.

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Foundational Supplements (top 10)

Overall health care

  • Phytomulti (with or without iron)
    • Multivitamin that delivers phytomnutrients as well. Strong antioxidant value.
  • D3 5000 or D3 1000 , D3 2000
    • Depends on what levels you feel comfortable
  • Omegagenics epa/dha 1000
    • Omega 3 fatty acid, high concentration on epa/dha
  • Ultraflora Spectrum
    • Multi strain probiotic. All identified strains
  • Magnesium glycinate
    • Bioavailable form of magnesium. One of most deficient minerals
  • Zinc AG
    • Bioavailable form of zinc
  • Ultra Potent C 1000
    • Buffered vitamin c
  • Bonebuilder Forte
    • MCHC form of calcium for bone health
  • Advaclear
    • Liver support for phase 1 and 2, metabolic detox pathway
  • Coq10 st 100
    • Co Enzyme 10, 100mg
  • Glycogenics
    • Complex B vitamin

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